Services that Work

It is not always easy to find a pattern of worship that engages both people who have a long-standing tradition of worshipping and families who attend with little or no experience of faith and worship.  Different churches have explored different ways in which to provide worship that is effective and accessible to all –  some through maintaining a single Sunday morning service and others through creating new stories.

At the Mixed Blessings event in April we heard stories from several different churches about the different approaches that they have taken.

St Matthew, Chadderton

St Matthew’s Church in Chadderton have begun a new service on Thursday evenings primarily for parents and children.  Read more here……

St Michael, Bamford

St Michael’s Church in Bamford set up a new service “@9.15” to meet the needs of families attending the church 5 years ago.  Read more here……

St Mary, Greenfield

In 2008, Early Church was set up at 9.15am on Sunday mornings to solve the problem of a growing Sunday School which became too large for the available space in church.  Read more here……

St Michael, Tonge-cum-Alkrington

St Michael’s church have developed a Sunday evening congregation to respond to the needs of the large number of families attending who found the traditional Sunday morning service difficult.  Read more here……

Holy Trinity, Waterhead

Holy Trinity has developed a Wednesday evening communion service suitable for families. Read the thoughts of their vicar on this service here…….

Services that work……..

If your church has found ways of providing worship that works in these situations, do get in touch and tell your story. Or, if you would like any help in developing your services so that they engage families better, let me know and I would happily come and meet with you to explore things further.


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