Getting started with Twitter





To get started, you need to create a twitter account where you can add information about yourself or your church.   You can also choose a profile picture to represent you.  There are different privacy settings that you can choose from to control what others can and can’t see.

The Twitter site is very helpful in getting you started, particularly ‘Getting Started with Twitter’.

This page will help you set up a Twitter account.

For people to see your tweets, you need to get followers. There is no way of directly requesting people to follow you – the best way is by engaging with others on Twitter, eg if you follow someone they will be notified and may then follow you.  There are tips on Twitter on how to find people to follow. Retweets also let the person who originally posted the tweet know that you exist!  My experience has been that people just seem to find me – I am followed by people that I haven’t directly contacted!  You can link to Facebook so that tweets appear on your Home page to save you posting twice (but it doesn’t work the other way round – ie your post on Facebook can’t be turned into a tweet!)


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