All Age Worship

There are lots of resources for all-age worship – this is just a selection!

images“All-age worship”, Lucy Moore, brf, 2010, ISBN 9781841014326

Written by Lucy Moore who is part of the Messy Church leadership team, this book is for those who sense that worshipping God together is probably a good thing but are nervous of trying to lead their church towards that.  It argues that the reader is the expert in the ways that their church can worship God and provides help in finding those ways and adapting them for their local setting. The book has chapters on the rationale and theology of all-age worship, suggests that relationships are the most important factor in a service and has some practical rules of thumbs for all-age services.  There is also discussion about helping congregations cope with change and finally advice on planning all-age services.

Creative ideas series:

images (2)“Creative ideas for Whole Church Family Worship”, Jan Brind and Tessa Wilkinson, Canterbury Press, 2011, ISBN, 9781848250864

This book is full of ideas on creating worship for the whole church family gathered together, catering for both the regular congregation and occasional visitors.  The worship is liturgically focussed and there are resources for the different seasons of the church’s year, along with themed services for a variety of occasions.

download“Crafts for creative worship”, Jan Brind and Tessa Wilkinson, Canterbury Press, 2004, ISBN 1853115851

This book has lots of ideas to help young and old alike to participate creatively in worship throughout the Christian year, celebrating Feast Days and Seasons.  The authors hope that the services will be outward looking and missional.



images (1)“Creative ideas for Children’s Worship”, Sarah Lenton, Canterbury Press, 2011, ISBN 9781848250420

This series provides weekly material linked to the lectionary and there is one book for each of the years of the three year cycle.  It is written to provide liturgy and creative teaching for children in ‘Sunday School’ and may be particularly appropriate for churches of a more catholic tradition.  Clearly from the title, the books are not focussing on all-age worship, but there are good resources that could be incorporated into an all-age worship service.

51iLb+H2n6L._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_“All Sorts Worship”, Claire Benton Evans, Kevin Mayhew – series of books for Years A, B and C

“You can’t turn a Eucharist into an all-age worship service just by throwing in a children’s sermon and an action song. All-sorts Worship contains complete services for every Sunday of Common Worship Year A, which are designed to include people of ‘all sorts and conditions of life’, meaning that the whole congregation worships together and nobody is tidied away. Each service has a variety of multi-sensory activities ranging from puppets to puzzles to picnics. There is a checklist for leaders to ensure you have everything you need and many of the resources are contained on the accompanying CD-ROM. This is the ideal book for creative, fun, real all-age worship which creates a sense of belonging in your church”   There are three books in the series for Years A, B and C and provide an imaginative range of lectionary based resources for all age worship.

rachel“The Feast is Ready to Begin – All-age Eucharists for Festivals & Seasons Throughout the Year”, Rachel Nicholls, Kevin Mayhew, 2009, ISBN 9781848671768

This book provides resources for all-age Eucharists for the major festivals and seasons in the Church year, giving step-by-step guidance on using visual symbols, presenting biblical stories and making the best use of the resources of Common Worship. The result is described as being “deeply moving and joyful worship that shows both a commitment to the Eucharist and to all-age worship.”

Messy Church Resources

There are lots of resources for Messy Church on their website which are useful both for setting up and planning Messy Church as well as providing inspiration for other all age worship.

Together for a Season

Together for a Season is a practical, all-age travelling companion for the journey through the Church year. Aimed at all those planning and leading worship and those working with children and adults in groups, it offers a rich array of creative material to bring the Common Worship seasonal liturgy to life.

Published in three volumes, each one contains:

  • Unique ‘pathways’ that use Christian signs and symbols to encourage active participation from the whole church.Together for a Season vol 2
  • Creative ways of using liturgy, with suggestions for incorporating light, sound, images and other multisensory elements into worship.
  • Fully worked-out stand-alone services for key Christian dates to make all-age worship painless, plus material for innovative new events.
  • Resources and activities for use with adults and children, in church, at home, in schools or in outreach.
  • Free CD-ROM with downloadable illustrations, templates, texts of services and full colour photographs to inspire your own worship.

The three volumes are:

Volume 1: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
ISBN – 9780 7151 4062 8
Volume 2: Lent, Holy Week and Easter
ISBN – 9780 7151 4063 5
Volume 3: Feasts and Festivals of the Christian  Year
ISBN – 9780 7151 4064 2

download (1)“Worship Together: Creating All-age Services that Work”, Sandra Millar, SPCK, 2012, 9780281066292

This book explores the way in which liturgy can be used effectively in all-age communication. It will explore what we mean by worship and what we mean by ‘all-age’, particularly looking at the all-age experience in the secular world and the skills that make good multi-generational communication happen (e.g. how do Disney Pixar do it). It then goes on to unpack the liturgical framework which is the bedrock of many traditional churches, showing this may well be used imaginatively to create worship for whoever is present. It  also contains twelve full worship outlines, one for each month of the year.

51CweYMyhZL“Festivals Together: Creating All-age Worship through the Year”, Sandra Millar, SPCK, 9780281066315

This book builds on the basic principles of structuring and delivering all-age worship in Sandra Millar’s previous book. It  includes ideas about using festivals to build relationships with the community and also explores the idea of involving children and young people on occasions which have traditionally been less ‘child-friendly’, e.g. Good Friday.

Online resources

There are lots of resources online – here’s a small selection: