Worship Resources

You can find a range of books and websites about different worship resources in this part of the site.  Click on the links to find resources for the particular resources you are interested in.

All-age worship

All-age worship is sometimes mistakenly seen as providing a child-friendly service rather than one that people of all ages can engage with.  Young adults who are parents are likely to feel more comfortable attending church if their children can engage with the service.. Providing good all-age worship is one way of helping young adults who are parents to remain part of the church community.

Worship in the sacramental traditions:

Within Rochdale Archdeaconry, many churches lie within a catholic, sacramental tradition and for their mission and ministry to young adults to be authentic, there is a rich seam of tradition and symbolism available to create new forms of worship and to shape community.  Some of the following resources explore what Fresh Expression or new forms of worship and community might look like in this tradition