Intergenerational / family mission and ministry

While some young adults will respond to mission and ministry focussed at them as a distinct group, others are looking to be part of a wider, intergenerational community and this is something that the church is well-placed to provide.  Those young adults who are parents may find resources which help them to grow in faith as a family are helpful, so here a a few resources which may be helpful in both these areas.

“Core Skills for Family Ministry – Developing key skills for church-based family ministry”, Consultative Group on Ministry among Children, brf, 2015, ISBN 9780857464316

Core Skills is an interdenominational modular scheme offering foundational training for all those involved with church-based family ministry. It offers six stand-alone sessions on:

  • Biblical, historical and contemporary understanding of family
  • Family ministry today
  • Seasons of family life
  • Role of family relationships
  • Family well-being and wholeness
  • Faith in families

Each module is creative, thought-provoking, interactive and designed to inspire and refresh children’s and family workers at all levels of expertise and experience

This material was launched at a conference in 2015 and for more information about the thinking behind this focus on family ministry can be found here.  The course defines “family” in a wide sense, to include and group people who consider themselves family whether biological, legal or any other form, structure or context.  They recognise that not all families include children.

gap“Mend the gap: Can the Church Reconnect the Generations?” Jason Gardner, 2008, IVP, ISBN 9781844742844

“Pop music, piercings and peers.  The familiar issues that create conflict between parents and children belie the rapid rate of cultural change surrounding family life. As society alters beyond recognition, the gap between young and old threatens to become a deep fracture in the heart of families, communities – and churches. Urgent surgery is required to mend the gap.

Resisting simplistic solutions, Jason Gardner deftly analyses the reasons for the growing generation gap, including the role of the church. He provides practical steps forward for church leaders, youthworkers and parents. Underpinning this hopeful book is an unshaking belief in Christ’s burning ability to inspire a ‘whole big bad beautiful mix of people to follow him, regardless of their age'”

faith-in-homes-1Faith in Homes –

Living out the Christian faith at home may not seem easy for families. This website offers both families and church leaders a variety of easy-to-use ideas, resources, events and other websites to help you live out faith together.  There are also articles and resources for church leaders.  You can sign up for a newsletter which lets you know when new resources are available or follow on twitter or Facebook to keep up to date.

Snap 2016-04-21 at 20.03.41Explore Together

Explore Together is a new and practical tool from Scripture Union for helping people to engage with the Bible. It encourages the exploration of the Bible using natural learning preferences and preferred spiritual styles. The resources can be found on the Explore Together website.

ebook“The ‘E’ Book – Essential prayers and activities for faith at home” Gill Ambrose, The National Society, 2000, ISBN 9780715149379

The ‘E’ Book is bursting with fun activities, ideas, Bible readings and prayers to enable even the busiest families to celebrate the Christian faith together at home. The book can also be used on family outings and holidays and the activities require the minimal amount of preparation.  The language used throughout the book is deliberately simple and direct, so that older children can read the suggestions and lead some of the activities. This fun-packed book is ideal to help families discover some of the real ‘Essentials’ of the Christian life.  Events, people, organizations and festivals of the Christian year featured in the book include: Christmas, Candlemas, Pancake Day, Mothering Sunday, Holy Week, Christian Aid, Pentecost, St Aidan, St Francis and Fireworks.

Website full of ideas for growing faith in the home


Another website, The Daily Doughnut, gives a bite-sized Bible study for all the family.  The bite-sized activities are designed to be straightforward, flexible…and heaps of fun. Each week there is a theme, a chunk of the Bible look at and some cool things to do that will help families talk about and reflect on both those.