Revd Jo Farnworth Young Adults Missioner Rochdale Archdeaconry

Revd Jo Farnworth
Previously Young Adults Missioner
Rochdale Archdeaconry


This website was created during my five years as Young Adults Missioner for the Rochdale Archdeaconry in the Diocese of Manchester! If you or your church are interested in engaging in mission and ministry to young adults (18-40 year olds) who live, work or study in the geographical area covering Rochdale, Oldham and part of Tameside then I hope that you will find this site particularly helpful – but I hope too that those further afield will find it a useful resource for this area of the wider church’s mission and ministry.

The post of Young Adults Missioner for the Rochdale Archdeaconry was set up in 2011 as the  diocese’s response to the fact that there is a ‘missing generation’ of those aged between 18 and 40 in many of our churches.   Nationally, research has shown that older people are more likely to belong to the Christian faith than young people. The Tearfund report Churchgoing in the UK 2007 indicated that three quarters of 65-74 year olds and 82% of over 75 year olds attend church while only a third of 16-34 year olds are Christians.

Today, many young adults are likely to have grown up with no experience of church and so the church needs to find new ways of engaging with them and a key aspect of the Young Adults Missioner role was helping local churches to do this and to help young adults to explore the Christian faith in ways that are relevant and practical.

My work was divided up into five different areas:

IMAGINE: exploring the question ‘what might church look like for young adults in our Archdeaconry?’
INITIATE: responding to opportunities to create new ways in which young adults can ‘be church’
INFORM: developing an understanding of the issues surrounding mission to young adults and sharing good news and good practice of mission among young adults.
INSPIRE: supporting churches in their mission to young adults
INVIGORATE: provide opportunities for young adults to sustain/develop their spirituality/faith.

Each of these has their own area on this site where you can explore more.



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